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InstaRecon, Inc., a University of Illinois based company, is a supplier of technology and services to imaging scanner equipment makers and supply chain partners. InstaRecon’s patented algorithms increase the computational efficiency of image reconstruction in CT, PET, SPECT, and MRI.

Recent News
Jan 3rd, 2014

Welcome to our newly redesigned website.  Please pardon our dust as we transition to the new website.

Aug 6th, 2013

InstaRecon was awarded a Phase II NIH SBIR grant to continue work on Advanced Algorithmic Acceleration and System Modeling for Low-Dose CT Imaging.


InstaRecon’s algorithms address the computational bottleneck found in CT image reconstruction, yielding speedups of 20 to 100-fold.  Such speedups are critical for next-generation real-time imaging systems in medical, security, and industrial imaging.  Read more…

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