Product Overview

InstaRecon® CBR Premium™ is the world’s fastest reconstruction engine for Micro-CT. CBR Premium runs on a single PC, reconstructing images up to 15K x 15K in cross-section. Cluster licenses are available for distributing large reconstruction jobs on up to four nodes, or for running up to 4 independent reconstruction jobs on different nodes concurrently.

Download the InstaRecon CBR Brochure (PDF)

Free one-month demo

Contact us at to receive a free one-month demo of InstaRecon® CBR Premium™. Please use subject line “CBR Demo”.


More brain than brawn. Based on patented algorithms, the InstaRecon® CBR reconstruction engine provides a new way to do the computation, rather than throwing more hardware at the problem.

Accelerated Reconstruction. InstaRecon® CBR provides speedups of 10x to 100x compared to the fastest CPU-based reconstruction software, and 2x to 10x compared to GPU-based solutions.

Seamless Integration with all Bruker/SkyScan micro-CT
and nano-CT scanners.  Provided as the standard reconstruction engine with all new large image format systems, and available as an upgrade to existing installations.

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General Purpose InstaRecon® CBR provides the option for both command line and DLL interfaces to integrate with any software and scanner in addition to the seamless Bruker integration via the InstaRecon® CBR GUI.

Why Should You Get InstaRecon® CBR?

Increase the throughput of your micro-CT scanner and accelerate the pace of discovery. Quickly close the loop around the micro-CT experiment and make the most out of your investment.

InstaRecon® CBR is whisper-quiet and green. Save precious space in your lab or server room by eliminating the extra PCs and hardware you would need with other solutions, and cut down electricity and cooling costs.

InstaRecon® CBR is future-proof. Unlike massive hardware-based solutions, a single, moderate cost PC upgrade is all that is needed to benefit from increasing processor speeds.

Performance Benchmarks


  • PC Platform – 2x Xeon @ 3.1 GHz (16 total cores), 128 GB RAM, 4x3TB SATA 7200 in RAID0, Windows 7
  • PC+GPU Platform – Above PC Platform + GTX 590
  • Tesla GPU Cluster – 8x Telsa C2075, 2x Xeon @ 3.46 GHz (12 total cores), 144 GB RAM, 2x300GB SSD in RAID0, Windows 7

Performance Results


Cross section format 1K x 1K 2K x 2K 4K x 4K 8K x 8K 15K x 15K
Number of cross sections 615 1,229 2,255 2,495 2,610
Number of projections 499 996 1,990 2,157 8,100
Bruker-microCT NRecon (1 PC) 238 sec 3480 sec 913 min 3552 min *1440 hr
Bruker-microCT NRecon (4 PC) 43 683 180 700 *336
Bruker-microCT GPURecon (1 PC + GPU) 21 247 62 275 140
Bruker-microCT GPURecon (4 PC + GPU) 12 84 24 82 *45
Bruker-microCT GPURecon (Tesla GPU Cluster) 14 98 19 68 19
InstaRecon CBR (1 PC) 12 80 9 43 10

*Time Estimated

Update History

Version (7-10-17)

  • DLL interface now available
  • Option for individual central row and detector for each view (DLL and command line only)
  • Automatic dynamic range post processing (DLL and command line only)
  • Bruker GUI improvements and bug fixes
  • Bug fixes

Version (9-8-16)

  • Bug fix for large dataset with many projections resulting in blank output images
  • Bug fix for gaussian smoother with high level of smoothing
  • Bug fix for header information for JPG and BMP output types
  • Bug fix for oscillating y-shift values

Version (6-13-16)

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version (6-13-16)

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version (10-26-15)

  • Windows 10 Support
  • Shortscan Bug Fixes

Version (10-26-15)

  • Windows 10 Support
  • Shortscan Bug Fixes

Version (9-10-15)

  • Variable Ring Artifact Correction
  • Custom Air Intensity
  • Elliptical ROI
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

Version (9-16-14)

  • Bug fixes

Version (5-21-14)

  • Image Quality improvements
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Bug fixes

Version (1-3-14)

  • Now supports 15K x 15K reconstructions

Version (9-26-12)

  • Bug fix for TIF header

Version (8-6-12)

  • Bug fix for supporting older version of NRecon Client (pre 1.6.7)

Version (5-25-12)

  • Enabled remote desktop capability

Version (2-10-12)

  • Bug fix for parallel beam reconstruction

Version (11-9-11)

  • Bug fix for Dead Detector removal

Version (8-23-11)

  • Improved stability of large reconstructions
  • Adding PNG header tag for HU

Version (7-11-11)

  • Improved Stability on user cancel
  • More accurate percentage progress reported
  • Improved stability in reconsctructions

Version (7-5-11)

  • Upgrade to 12 threads
  • Bug fixes for reconstructions

Version (5-25-11)

  • Added PNG support
  • Improved performance scaling to multiple threads
  • Bug fixes